• i just paid for the game after debating weather you guys actually fixed any of the issues in the game and i still paid and got into a game of cities and knights and its the same glitched board from early access, that keeps the same exact hexes, here is a screenshot of this fucking same board that is driving me crazy cause i see it 9/10 games of cities and knights i play for the last month

    please refund my money i will buy again when u guys fix these problems, i only purchased because i thought you guys fixed the one main problem that plagued early access that everyone seemed to be aware of, if i knew this i would have never purchased. please give me a refund ill buy catan gold again when you guys fix these problems.

  • Let us know if you actually manage to get a refund from them. I seriously doubt it.

  • you mean like this one?

    Every game i play is the same

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