Expansion in New Release

  • I thought it was mentioned earlier on the boards that there was going to be something special for people who were part of the earlier version. I noticed since the new release there is not enough coins given to purchase the expansion? Guess that was wishful thinking.

  • Nope. You were just a free playtester. You were used.

  • I don't even have enough coins to purchase 'the game'

  • yeah.... sucks

  • @Stroom
    I wouldn't really mind being a free play tester if the development team actually utilized me like you utilize a tester... get them to find bugs and poor design features, and correct said issues.
    This is what ticks me off more than having to pay for the game now

  • I was ticked off a long time ago. Not taking our recommendations into consideration. They had a plan all that time and there was nothing to change that.

  • @Stroom I noticed this thread from over a year ago yesterday: https://forum.catanuniverse.com/topic/503/klaus-teuber-rescue-us-from-catan-universe/9

    Seems that the same issues that were pointed out then are the ones we keep pointing out today; the focus has been on avatars and graphics instead of game play. And from what I gather, nothing noteworthy has really been accomplished in that entire year. Game play is still not up to par. What a shame.

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