scrolls and such have dissappeared

  • i understand you have made it into a purchase game,
    yet all my built up scrolls and coins seem to have dissappeared?

  • administrators

    @King-JP All player accounts were reset as we annouced before.

  • You mean during the update 21&22?
    During early access (pre-21&22) I played base game and both expansions,
    then the accounts were reset, and I had to reuse the default gold to purchase the expansions (and base game) again.
    now on the steam update I have 100 gold to my account, and do not have the games I had on my account previously during early access? This doesn't seem right as you posted yesterday about porting all users across?

  • administrators

    @TheDarkFlame Catan Gold is used to unlock the expansions. We provided every early access user during the early access with enough Gold to unlock all expansions so everyone could play for free during the early access. Now we releasd the game. Therefore not everything can be for free :)

    All account data (login/password/username/friendlist/balcklist etc.) had to be transferred. That was what we were reffering to.

  • @Administrator
    appreciated for the clarity.
    I might consider this game again when I am reassured that the numerous bugs and poor design features that are often complained about in the forums are resolved. :-)

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