i dont get how this makes sense

  • you guys want us to pay for a product which was filled with bugs including hexes that would bug and not shuffle every game, cards like master merchant being stuck and a whole lot of other bugs like mid turn lag outs. You guys want us to pay when all these bugs were present up until the the end of early access, which was still fine with me i would pay and just hope you guys fixed or will fix everything soon, but now i come on at 5 am and still on till now waiting for the release and for the second day in a row and for the third time you guys have more delays, i dont see how we are supposed to have faith everything is going to be so glitch free when even the launch has already been so bumpy.

  • Honestly, i agree. like, for me the computers kept crashing causing me to end up quitting the game and being forced to start it over and over again what made me really exhausted and annoyed. i also personally hate it that they aren't being smart like this, they literally will force us to pay for such things, while it will crash eitherway. but at the end of the day.. it's better then forcing my family to play with me.

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