Catan Universe Release

  • Hi Catanians,

    The Steam review is done and we are ready to launch! The Servers will be available for you at 12:00 am [CEST].

    Thank you all for your patience during the last week and enjoy the game!

    Please note: The client you used to download from our website won´t work with the release version. Please make sure to either play in the browser or download it from Steam!

  • administrators

    Hi Catanians,

    seems like we need a little bit more time than expected. We will let you know shortly about the new ETA :)

  • Unfortunately we had to postpone the release to April the 25th due to the time it takes to reset your of accounts. You crazy Catanians created over 400K accounts during the early access and since we want you to be able to use them in the release version it takes its time.
    Thanks for understanding!

  • Today at 12:00 am [CEST] (noon) the servers including the live version of the game will be available for you!

  • administrators

    Short delay ... please stay tuned :)

  • We are live! Enjoy the game!

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