A funny thing I noticed

  • So, even though the forum UI is getting really broken for me, I wanted to see what is behind all the buttons in here. I found the users list. In there you can order the users by reputation.

    Out of the top 10 users by reputation we have @Administrator and 9 other users. All of the 9 users have been critical of Catan Universe. And they have been upvoted for their thoughts. I skimmed through their post history and most of their concerns are still there. This is also one of the indications that the developers do not care even a little bit about the community.

    Also, when you create a new topic, the dropdown box directly makes your post go under PlayCatan. That is weird. Do you think that if people complain about Catan Universe then if you sneakily make the post appear under PlayCatan you can show that there are more problems about the other platform than yours? Weird.

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