When can we play again? Early acces over? How can i play catan?

  • I cant login, and play. Whats happening?

  • same problem

  • This is something, worth to waiting for..
    At least my catan addiction is developed clearly.
    Please if u can predict the date of rebirth!
    Until than i wish the bests to the online Catan-makers.
    I wish we gonna have the same pleasures like the early acces gave us.
    Please if u can tell me, will be ready for 2017.05.01?

  • It's been several days since I've been able to login, any idea how long it will be? Or do I need to do something different?

  • Do something different. Steam probably takes a while until they have approved Catan Universe on their store.

  • so, in an other topic ,the Administrator wrote,they gonna finish this week.

  • @catankata are people still going to be able to play online for free

  • Not the same way you did before. The only thing that is free is the base game but with ONLY THE DEFAULT MAP.

  • @Stroom I'm not sure that's right. The pricing post by @administrators says the following: Example: If you want to unlock the base game in Catan Universe you will have to purchase Gold for 3,99€/$ and including your account creation reward (of 100 coins) you will be able to unlock the base game for a total 500 coins.(

    Since you only get 100 gold coins for free (0.99€), it seems you have to fork out the 3.99€ to get to 500 gold coins to unlock the base game. Nothing really appears to be free. Maybe @administrators can write a more elaborate and clear post about this.

    @administrators How about folk who have the Catan mobile app? Will they be able to link their account to Catan Universe or will they have to buy the game again in order to have access to Catan Universe?

  • @Poisonguy if you see the gold pricing then buying 100 gold at 0.99 four times is cheaper than buying 400 gold for 3.99. 3 cents less but I guess it would add up over thousands of players.

    The admin has mentioned that you can play the base game for free. Well, it is not technically the base game, it is more or less like a demo because you can not play the random map. Tagging this game in Steam as "free to play" is an insult to the players.

  • @Stroom Yes, I didn't understand the After that you can browse the Steam store to download Catan Universe for free comment either. Seems misleading since they say you have to pay in the pricing post. That's one of the reasons I asked @administrators to clarify or elaborate.

  • well,i cant login. I cant play basic game,and cant register neighter.
    maybe in another country it works..

  • administrators

    @Poisonguy The initial download is free and the creation of an account is for free. Also the free-match as well as the introduction game for rival will be free. If you want to play something else in Catan Universe you will e able to purhase Catan Gold in and unlock what you want.

  • but actally,administrator said they gonna finish today.

  • administrators

    @catankata Yepp we will push the button at 12:00 am [CEST] (noon)

  • to be exact, the program write: "account is outdated"
    and "cant register during maintrance mode"
    but if i understund right, gonna able to do,when the repairs finished today.

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