When is it getting back?

  • @administrators Do u have a date yet? How can u not know how long will it take?

  • It's funny that they had to take the servers offline at all. Why not run separate servers while they get their stuff sorted with Steam? Stuff like this should be elementary.

  • administrators

    @GanjaKween We have to submit the game to Valve (the company behind Steam). After that we are in a review queque. Every Game has to be reviewd by Valve before you can distribute it on the platform.

    Unfortunately there is nothing more we can do then submit it to the review process.

    The servers had to be closed so we could enable the payment system which also has to be tested by steam. Since all live versions of the game (client,webgl and later on mobile) use the same backend (servers) this was the only way.

    Thanks for your patience

  • And you don't have any extra servers to run meanwhile?

    Maybe you should consider temporarily opening registration to PlayCatan until steam approves/rejects your game.

  • administrators

    @Stroom nope

  • Nice reply /s

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