• Seems this update is more than a "few days". That is such a vague statement. Be honest. Is this going to take days or weeks? It stills seems to me Catan does not have top notch professional tech people working on this project. I have never seen such a mess with any professional companies' website.

  • It's not an update. They're launching the "full" paid version of the game. You should expect to shell out a few Euros.

    I hope the speed and quality of admin feedback will jump dramatically once customers are actually paying for the product.

  • Yes - you are right. Update was the wrong word. Even strange they could not keep the game game up and then switch within a short time. No date was given; only the "few days" remark.

  • We had to make some changes in the game e.g activate the payment so Valve (Steam) is able to test every aspect of the game before we can distribute it there. Unfortunately we can only submit Catan Universe to the review process... after that we have now influence on the time it takes until it is reviewed.

  • If you've just submitted your game to Steam, we could be talking months. In fact, the game might not get through the Steam process until after the summer.

    Far cry from the "in time for Easter" claim.

  • According to this post it takes 1-2 months.

    So... These guys really do not care about the players. This is only business for them. Casual players will give them money anyway because it is the officially licenced implementation of an already famous board game.

  • administrators

    @Stroom Since we are not "greenlighting" the game (this options in no longer availabe), this link with info from 2015 doesn´t apply to Catan Universe.

  • @Administrator what do you think when is the latest date when we can play on Catan Universe again then?

  • administrators

    @Stroom We will post this info shortly in the news section

  • @stroom: At least you now know when you'll know more. =)

  • You are fixing the game which worked for about a year now... We love the game just give it back and let us play

  • You know what. I am discovering I am fine without playing Catan on a daily basis. By the time it rolls out, I will have found something more entertaining. Thank you, Catan, for taking your time. It is freeing me up. This is my final drop in to see if it is up and running. I have other things to do. You are the worse business mess I have ever been round to see for myself.

  • @administrators Good morning, just one question, are the "updates" they are creating to make the game pay?


  • Time frame please! in the mean time people you can play the super old one from the itunes store. weak and slow though.

  • "Unfortunately we had to postpone the release to April the 25th due to the time it takes to reset your of accounts."

    Why didn't you think of this earlier... During the days when the game was going through Steam review.

  • You're right Stroom!
    Latest update is that it'll be ready from 12 today (but they said that yesterday too)!

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