Other player refusing abort

  • Hi, is there any way to force the end of a game when one player has quit and the other is ignoring an abort request? I've been stuck for half an hour now and don't want to be penalised for quitting when clearly the other person has just decided to ignore the game for no reason other than to be annoying. THanks

  • This is so annoying! I thought there was supposed to be a 60 second timer for people who don't respond?

  • Hi and sorry for barging into your thread. But I have to give a detailed report of a similar issue I am experiencing right now on a Rivals for Catan game. I am stuck with an unregistered user about half an hour already as well, just before I can roll the dice and win the game. He begun a private conversation out of the blue explaining that I was too lucky and that he won't accept it.

    So, this is about an annoying player without any good reasons to insist (at least no better than dropping his elo, since he is not even registered). But if he is not fooling around, then he definitely lacks common sense. To put it simply, he doesn't accept to lose a game just because he thought I was lucky. So he is just waiting there right now for me to quit. Can you imagine?

    Here are our messages:

    whispered: sorry you got too lucky in this game – I will not accept it
    whispered: harp came very often
    whispered: also the fields adjacent to your ore factory
    me: What do you mean you won’t accept it?
    whispered: and if this would not be enough, you got BOTH trading caravans
    whispered: and you claimed the strength advantage very cheaply
    whispered: I will not accept it, sorry
    whispered: too lucky
    whispered: and now, as if in order to mock me, I am short ONE ridiculous resource to win the game
    whispered: everything went in your favour and I will not accept it, sorry

    Ridiculous, isn't it?

    So, here's a message to the support staff: What would you do in order to prevent such "players" join the game and annoy others? Would you block their IPs? Would you change the rules in that only those who have an account can play the game?

    Sure, what I've already done with this player is report and block them. But are we supposed to tolerate such annoying and ridiculous attitude every time we face a foolish person like this one?

  • If issues like this are allowed to exist for over half a year... There is no fix for this other than fundamental changes.

  • My suggestion to solve this problem would be to either generally forbid unregistered players to play the game at all or to limit the number of games one is allowed to play as a unregistered player.

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  • How do you determine if the same person plays twice as unregistered player? It is easy o change your IP. And it is also easy to register a new account every time you play.

    The best way to create games between respectable gamers is if your account starts at 20% max karma and has to work up the respect to play with other honorable players.

    Instead of the current karma system which automatically gives everyone 100% karma just by registering.

    The whole issue of this player management is that players do not get praise for being good players. They only get penalties for doing something wrong. This negative effect will carry on to the subsequent games which will also make these games more toxic overall. Clearly, some knowledge in human psychology is needed to make the game attract more "positively minded" players.

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