Interface suggestions only

  • I just wanted to post specifically about interface suggestions without other talk about bugs.


    adding keyboard short cuts.

    Sound when it is your turn as well, as more sound indicators similar to how the robber sound functions.

    larger or more prominent visual indicator whose turn it is

    larger visual for dice roll, similar to the ios platform

    Most recent message should appear on the screen, current messaging system can work as a chat log and to enter messages

    Current knight power and city count should be displayed in Cities and Knights

    Cities and Knights improvement cards should display when and what the bonus is.

  • There should be some way to find out special rules for the scenario that your playing, like bonus points for islands, as well as how many points to win.

    Also a display for how many developement cards are left.

  • I'll be honest, not sure if this is more a UX or UI suggestion.

    Its not very obvious to determine whose turn it currently is. I understand that the top of the portrait turns into an arrow when its players 'X' turn, but when your full screen it can be easily missed. Maybe make the boarder 'bold' or something?

  • A few suggestions also :
    -faster display when we got the ressources from the 2nd settlement at the beginning : if it is possible to show the 3 ressouces at the same time instead of sequencially
    -improve display of the dice rolling (bigger), it would show better that we change player.
    -It could be nice not to exit trade screen each time we validate or decline. For instance, AI try several trades, each time it goes back to the main screen, then back again to the trade screen. Could be nice to stay in trade screen and skip those slow animations... :-). When we are trading, it should stay on trade screen until we push an "exit" button for instance as we often do several trades in a row.

    As said by somebody else, we should be able to see somewhere the amount of points to win for the on going game, and the bonus victory points rules (seafarers)

    Of course I understand than some modifications can be trickier in development than others, but these are are suggestions only :-).
    And I think the slowness of the game is because of the early acces browser version.

  • The game log could be improved also. I would find better to have the last action on top instead of the bottom, or at least with time somewhere (x min ago for instead), it is quit confusing, especially because it don't go by itself at the bottom onto the last event.

  • administrators

    Moved to suggestions for obvious reasons ;) I like your suggestions so far. Very constructive

  • When acquiring a resource of your choice such as gold or from city improvement, you cannot see your current resource cards or the board. It would be helpful to see them. Trades also pop up constantly and it would be easier to have it as part of your normal screen rather than a window that blocks the rest of the game. Maybe have a designated area like a toolbar for trade proposals.

  • I think most of these ideas have already been covered here or elsewhere, but I just want to add my voice to a few.

    • Absolutely need to be able to see board when trading. Perhaps an option for roll-up trade screen or possibly semi-transparent option
    • Need to be able to see current resources when using development cards and free resource selections

    Both of these are important to be able to properly make resource selection decisions.

    • Modify trade offers more smoothly. That is, allow modification of offers when declined without initiating entire process.
    • Multiple item selection when purchasing - ie. multiple roads, ships etc in one purchase instead of buy one/place it and back to purchase next one.
    • Victory point requirements for win needs to be clearly established.
    • Cities and knights would benefit from a total knight strength/barbarian strength display. Not critical because you can count the cities and add the individual player Knight points, but would be easier.
    • There have been a lot of requests for not showing trade offers when player doesn't have the resources available, however I personally like to see what other players are offering/looking for. The present option to select no-trades is better than arbitrary no-trades when resources unavailable.

  • Do not make a semi-transparent option! This is going to be ugly af. Look how PlayCatan did trades. The trade offer is in a small area next to the player avatar. You will see answering options next to your own avatar. You have a few options to answer (not trading, need it myself, 0, need more). And you see how the other players replied without obstructing the view of the board, which is the MOST important part of the BOARD GAME.

    I know your shitty AI probably needs an answer from the player to continue its actions but you can definitely come up with a solution to bypass this. This is the only reason why you would make such a trade screen for this game.

    The key is to see all the information on the board at all times. No scrolling or zooming in-out. Note that this is for PC version. You can't do the same in tablet. And if you try to push the same UI for tablet and PC you will lose a lot of players. It will take all the fun out of online board gaming.
    No-one wants to play a board game simulation online. Next you offer us the feature where we have to clean the table after the game and put the pieces back in the box. Seriously! Give us a fast and simple gameplay for PC and fuck the mobile devices. No-one plays on them anyway. Or when they do, they don't play tournaments.
    I would not want to play vs a mobile device player in a tournament because it is harder to communicate with them. Since Catan is a 4-player-everyone-for-themselves game, you need the chat and other features to use all the aspects of the game. Currently you are removing them and it makes playing harder for everyone.

  • I would really like to see the distribution of dice rolls during the entire game...this informs play for me and I found it helpful to have that info at my fingertips on PlayCatan...could you please consider making this available instead of the log of would be much more helpful...thanks!

  • You click a knight and act on it, that is simple and fast

    why for building should we click on building, choose a building and place it on screen and validate... too many click and screen move (=4click 1 ugly screen move)

    To build a city, we should do like knight, click on settlement and upgrade it to city (=2click no screen move)

    To build a road, click on map and validate (=2click no screen move)

  • @alladnsane said:

    I think most of these ideas have already been covered here or elsewhere, but I just want to add my voice to a few.

    • Absolutely need to be able to see board when trading. Perhaps an option for roll-up trade screen or possibly semi-transparent option
    • Need to be able to see current resources when using development cards and free resource selections

    ^^ this is spot on - really frustrating to have the trade screen block everything every time it comes up.
    A similar problem is when claiming year of plenty and monopoly cards - your own deck disappears

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