Network drop timer is no longer always 120 seconds

  • So due to the CONSTANT freezes by the AI, sometimes I need to refresh my browser and that will get the AI to unfreeze and allow the game to continue. Normally I have 120 seconds to reload everything before I am booted and replaced by an AI. Lately, i have noticed times of 60 seconds, and even 11 seconds! The 11 seconds one is obviously impossible.

    Is this a bug or a 'feature'?

  • administrators

    @BobPlop To prevent players from deliberately losing connection to the game and then renter it (a form of stalling the game for everyone else) the time you have to reconnect to the game will get shorter after every reconnect.
    But: We will watch the situation after the release closely and are willing to adapt the system if needed.

  • What? Really? This is idiotic. The browser version does not load faster than 60 seconds because you have to download the whole client all over again every time.

    Also, if it is not your turn and you disconnect AND you are back before your turn starts, you should have no penalty for that at all. It is your fault that the client is so buggy. Punishing the players for that is just stupid.

  • Hm, rentering the game was the workaround for the master merchant bug. I think you are finding too many ways to chase players away.

  • administrators

    @josq This bug will be fixed in the relase version of the game

  • Awesome its being fixed? Because right now, the AI freezes all the goddamn time and the one and only workaround is to have all the human players refresh their browser. Take away that one workaround by this 'feature' and the game is permanently screwed

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