How did I lose?

  • I've lost two different games today. I had 10 points, which the game was up to, and the game never registered the win. In one, I went to 11 points and still didn't get the win. Then an opposing player won the game with 10 points! This happened in both a live game and an AI opponent game. What gives?

  • I just lost too, i had 10 points claimed gg then looked like a biotch. Not sure how to post pictures but i would it just keeps saying undefined

  • This happened to be in the beta. Huge issue.

  • I just lost to a guy having 8 points..
    Don't expect us tu buy with bugs like that, please !

  • @kamekool Is it possible the guy had two hidden victory points?

  • @Poisonguy No after winning, I checked the stats, he was having 8 points, me too..

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