Trade Menu - More options

  • Hi,

    I would like to make some observations regarding the trade menu and a game option.

    Four options (buttons for fast response) would be nice to have (like on the first platform):

    • 0 (I don't have that)
    • X (needed for myself/)
    • ? (I want something else)
    • +(I want more)

    You can lie (and get robbed), you can make a point agains one player while dealing with other, and a lot more stuff that can influence the game and give posibility to gain more control over your next steps in the game.

    In the game:

    An option with full random number plancement (6 near 6 or 6-8-8 etc.) would be nice to have. I've been playing offline for the past 8 years, and most of the players see this option more fun and more entertaining than the standard one (this also involves a more balanced RNG system when picking the first player, i guess).

    What do you think?

  • This is what they had in PlayCatan and that's why the admins do not implement that. They have some kind of backwards logic in that regard.

  • I find this very restraining to gameplay, gets boring at some point. If you play a lot, you want to improvise, test new strategies, fully explore the game experience. Is like playing offline with Yes or No instead of negotiating :)

  • The new version is not for hardcore gamers. Now it is for casuals.

  • The trading system has a lot of drawbacks:

    • slow responding players can eat up your turn timer (on purpose)
    • cant propose multiple trades at once
    • cant propose trades with cards you don't have yet (but which you could obtain if you trade with bank)
    • cant make counteroffers
    • cant build while trading
    • blocks part of the board

    Basically, the current trading system very much undermines the interactive character of Catan.

  • I would really like to know @Administrator 's point of view on this features. In my case, I'll be happy to pay for the game if these options will be available in the final release. If not, then I will rethink if I will continue with online Catan (not because is not fun and nice to play, but because it gets limited and saturated at some point/boring to repeat the same stuff).

    Happy Holidays!

  • They already replied in another topic and said that in their opinion counter-offers are not necessary for online Catan. I guess that the + x 0 ? things are answered in the same way. They are delusional and they will not change the core game features anymore.

  • @Stroom If this is the case, it makes them hypocritical too as the mobile app has a nice trading platform where you can make counter trades (including 2:1 and 3:1). The only drawback is that because of space limitations in a mobile version, the trading platform also obscures the entire island in that version too. But the trading platform in itself is decent in the mobile app; 1000 times better than the CU version. Having said that, I think the PlayCatan bells and whistles would make a great addition to a trading platform and would be better than the mobile version.

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