You release that garbage beta version ???

  • @administrators OMG, don't tell us you are releasing this FAR FROM BEING PLAYABLE GARBAGE VERSION ?

    One game out of 3 or 4 bugs to the point that we don't know if we are still in the game or not. Then we quit and find out we are considered a quitter, with loss of karma and ELO. This software is far from being in the commercial stage, it bugs too often.

    Not counting all the problem with some cards, do you read the forums ? Players have not stopped complaining about those problems since update_20.

    Not counting the same maps coming over and over on some games.

    Not counting when you "refresh" twice you get ejected from the game and considered as a quitter.

    Not counting the HORRIBLE auto-match device, which shows the lack of professionalism from the developppers. Look around, gaming is done with a LOBBY, where you can choose the players you wnat to play with, and the game options. I guess the developpers are not yet at the level of creating a lobby.

    Maybe it would be more productive to hire some analysts and programers who are better at game structure than setting up stupid avatars and avatars options... Really, we (the players) could have all the same avatar, such as a a smiley, and it would not bother us.


    If making money is your goal, then we will not give you our money.

  • administrators

    @Delta915 You do seem to have played a lot of games on our platform this far ;)
    No worries the process of updates will not stop once the game is released.
    And to say it once again. There won´t be monthly fees or memberships for Catan Universe. All purchases except the consumables will be one time purchases.

  • @Administrator Maybe the reason Delta915 has not played much on the platform is because it is not playable. That is certainly one of the reasons I have not played it against other players. A lot of people who seem to have a really good understanding of the game of Catan have made game-play suggestions that you keep ignoring. Like a lot of people, I don't give a rat's behind about aesthetics and avatars and scrolls and what-have-you. I just want to play the game as closely as it was designed to be played by Klaus Teuber, and have the game-play as close to real life as possible. None of the suggestions we made to help you realize this were unreasonable or undoable, especially for the trading platform. But all we got is a trading platform the obscures the island and a bullshit response that we can use trade preferences to barter. What people want is us an actual trading platform that mimics the way people play with counter offers and 2:1 and 3:1 offers. So, I'm more than a little skeptical that you will "eventually" produce a usable trading platform as you either don't seem to have a clue how the game is played or don't give a damn what experienced Catan players want, or both. And that is to say nothing about the layout of the numbers on the hexes that does not follow the spiral method ( which is the original way of doing it; the default for everyone who plays the game and the way PlayCatan numbers the hexes and the way your damn mobile version, no matter how you try to justify not using it or making it the default). So, you will not get any of my money UNTIL you offer a product that is playable because I do not trust you to enact the things that need to be enacted in order for the game to be Catan.

  • I have to agree... I wouldn't (won't) pay for this... It's got way way way too many issues still. Not ready for primetime.

  • Nothing to see here. Business as usual. Administrator does not care. This will be the end of online Catan. I hope the PlayCatan players will make enough noise to make the Catan owners realize what is happening. So far all they see is money.

  • @Poisonguy Thank you buddy. By the way @administrators I have played a lot of games on the platform and I have been frustrated a lot of times for been ejected because of your stupid timer and also because of games that I could not finish because it got bugged.
    This been said, I forgot the HORRIBLE trading system which is so far away from the real life, and how Klaus Teuber designed the game, that is is joke you keep ignoring the players complaints.
    A trading system in which the players CANNOT make a proposal to the active player or not been able to respond by a counter-offer is NOT a trading system. It is an embryo of a trading system, totally disfunctional for the purpose it was designed for.

  • Your lack of care is astounding. I also haven't played in a while. I'm following the forums because I want to know if there's a decent game to be played. But as long as you've not taken care of the issues that we've pointed out more than a year ago there's no point in playing here. This whole enterprise is a travesty.

  • I won't use strong words. Programmers are not working for free, money has to be made, who knows under what pressure the game makers are?

    That said, this clearly is not a finished product. If the pre-commercial version has big, obvious bugs, the commercial version will have very significant bugs too.

    I don't see how this release is going to be commercially viable. To some extent I accept the bugs because I play for free. But if you pay, you want a perfect product.

  • @josq I totally agree with you Josq, we tolerate this game to be disfunctional because it is free. We are so far from a commercial polished products that would fullfill the purpose of playing Catan as if we were all sitting around a table,

  • I wonder if the mostly negative response to the latest announcement makes the @administrators change the plan. Seeing how they run things, if it has already been decided they will keep going. There are no brakes on this train.

  • I imagine people will buy the game when it hits steam.. play (or try to) it once and then never open it again.

  • And the only way to get any money out of players is to make the base game random map something you have to buy. Because people would not pay for the expansions once they have seen how bad the gameplay is (Come on, fix the trading!). Oh and there is no lobby so you never know how many players are online. Therefore if the game is dead you can't really be sure of it. The whole thing is very shady to me. Killing PlayCatan to make something which is worse. If it isn't broken, don't fix it!

  • In fairness PlayCatan was awful.

  • @morsCatan said:

    In fairness PlayCatan was awful.

    What was so bad in PlayCatan compared to Catan Universe?

    Gameplay was very nice, smooth and the game never crashed.
    Trading resembled real life trading very much.
    Lobby allowed seeing how many players are online and what kind of games they want to play.
    There was no automatically-turn-ending timer, the timer just warned you that you are going over time and the other players could decide whether to allow that or not. This created a much more friendly community and caused far less stress than the timer we have in Catan Universe.

    The only negative thing I can think of is that the server had to restart every morning for 5 minutes. Graphics were a bit outdated but I really do not care about that.

    CatanUniverse only offers "better" graphics (and even that can be argued over). Everything else is much worse.

    If PlayCatan was awful, Catan Universe is horrible.

  • I just want to say that you need to eliminate the obvious, ludicrous problems that the game (I only play the basic game).
    I don't want to play the same board constantly (the one with the sheep and the sheep harbour in the top right). You have reduced this from 75% of games to about 25% tbf, but if I see this board I refuse to finish. If I was paying I would instantly cancel my membership the first time I saw it as you've utterly ruined it for me.
    Also, why on earth does the trade menu obscure the entire board. I have no idea what the offer is, so I have to click to the side of it to decipher it, this then sends me to some point in the kitchen or the toilet or whatever, I then have to recentre the board and then repeat the whole process if I've forgotten what the offer is.
    I don't want to nitpick, and I want your site to work, but these moronic features basically prevent me from playing (and, therefore, paying).

  • I don't really play on Catan Universe much - one-two games after the next update is enough to show how bad the platform is.

    Default map went from 75% to 25% - it really shows how stupid the development decisions are. It really seems like the board randomizer does not create the board randomly at all times but instead uses some kind of list to choose the boards from in some cases. The admin mentioned that "you can still get the default map with random map options because the randomizer might put it together randomly". This is silly.
    If people want to play a random map then the map should be random 100% of the time. The development team is delusional and they clearly do not care about player suggestions.

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