[Rivals] Unable to use Large trading ship

  • Hello,

    I built a Large trading ship between two regions (wool and ore). However, I wasn't able to trade the neighbouring ore to it 2:1. I tried selecting the card and observed a button with a star next it, but this did not do anything. Also, when trading using the trade menu I had to trade ore 3:1 still.

    Is this a bug or there a less intuitive way of using a Large trading ship?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I have the same problem here; have you had an answer already? Thanx!

  • @administrators please help?

  • We will have to look into it if there is something wrong with the large trading ship.

  • @Administrator Has this issue been fixed? I'm still having issues with the large trade ship. When I click on the star, the ship just returns to the table without any options for the resources to the right and left of the trade ship.

  • The bug does not appear when playing on Steam - only in the browser version...

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