What are advantages of level up?

  • I could not find details of advantages of level up?
    eg : Level 8/9 - you can create guilds

    Can someone summarize what each level up would give?

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  • I losed my level, my karma and ELO on release version, is this ok or a bug?

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    @Faisca As we said many times before ... it had to be done for the release version. Unfortunately there was no way around.

  • is there any way to get access to the expansions without paying?

  • @administrators Catan universe you just lost a lot of people.
    I really enjoied the game when it was in the release version, you were different from other games because we could play and have fun for free, and now, we don't get a thing for being a release version player + we have to pay for the expansions.
    I personally feel used.
    Have a nice day.

  • I couldn't agree more. Additionally; to not offer early access players at least the basic game for free so as to make it possible to play with friends is not only disappointing but just bad marketing/promotion. Surely long-term players would be very likely to purchase all the additional expansions in any case and also be the ones who promote the game to new players? This is especially true as many players would be introduced to the game through the hard-copy board game when playing with friends... Very silly.

  • first, i want to say that being a beta tester was a great experience. i have no complaints, but i hate to see anybody turned off. might be a marketing idea to make one free randomized map available on the first of each month for existing players to invite friends to play for free. not much to lose and it gives old players a date to shoot for to invite their friends to try out the game every month. a little bit of sugar now can sometimes get you a lot of whoa! later on

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