Compensation for crashed games?

  • Now that you are going live with Catan Universe and the game still crashes a lot...

    How are players who bought the expansions compensated if/when they say that they are not satisfied with the quality of the product?

    If the game crashes all day while you have an active XP boost.

    If the game crashes during a tournament (Oh, wait you have not even made tournaments in Catan Universe yet. At least you have not tested it in public!).

    If there are never any players playing the expansion you bought at the same time you are online.

    If the AI freezes the game.

    If you can not reconnect to the games after brief disconnections. (This will probably happen a lot to mobile clients. The ones you are clearly making the platform for."

    All these issues (except tournament) happen quite often in this platform. You do not really provide a quality product at the moment. Especially when comparing it to PlayCatan. Will you have a compensation system?

  • @Administrator can you answer this?

  • administrators

    We will have a support team to deal with possible issues our useres may encounter. You can contact us directly from our webiste using a form we will provide. This form will be avialable as soon as the website gets it´s update before the launch of the game. The support team has years of experience with our Catan apps.

  • Thanks for the answer.

  • This post is deleted!

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