How do you mess up the forums so badly?

  • The forum UI is almost as buggy as Catan Universe game itself. How do you not notice things like this? Wow.

    Look at the user profile. Scroll down a bit. The cover photo always stays in place, taking half of the screen. A useless picture always staying in vision. Also as you scroll, some of the text is going to be seen through the cover photo. Do you even test what you put into production?

    The users are regularly automatically logged out of the forums. About once a month. I have not seen any other system do it like that. Especially if you are using it several times a week.

    Sometimes you are able to post in locked topics. I guess it was a one-time glitch but still.

    When you have a notification - someone upvoting your post or mentioning you... When you click on it, the topic is openend but the screen does not jump to the post which was mentioned in the notification.

    When using the "infinite scroll", very often the most recent posts are never displayed.

    When using the pages instead of infinite scroll, when clicking on a post you go to the first page. The page numbers are not displayed in the menu. Would make much more sense to see page numbers as it is done in any other forum. Otherwise you just have to make more extra clicks.

    I'm sure there are more things but I will leave you with this at the moment...

    And they still think they are ready to end the early access when they can't even get their forums working correctly.

  • I don't experience any of those issues. Are you using Netscape Navigator to view the forums?

  • I experience everything Stroom mentioned. As well, when I click on the red icon that lists the number of unread emails, it never opens up's always looks like it's loading. I have to right click on the icon and open it as a separate window in order for it to display the list of unread messages. Same thing for notifications.

  • Oh, another bug I found yesterday. Usually when you press the Reply button, a small window appears on the bottom so you can see the topic while you write a reply. You can also press a button to make the text area fill the whole screen. You can press it again to minimize the window back to normal.

    Now, whenever I reply, the window is always max size. Clicking minimize button does not do much to minimize it.

    Who is in charge of the development of this stuff? College students? How do you even break the forums so badly?

  • @Stroom I can´t even see all the whole page of the Forum:exclamation:
    The forum has become quite useless to me, I can only read the first posts. The lower part of the page is invisible ever since the confounded picture has been introduced. I cannot scroll anymore! If I want to view the lower part of the page, I need to minimize so much, the text becomes unreadable. Complaining had as much effect as the complains I made about the tech problems in the game: No help whatsoever. :rage: I had really given up on this project for a while, not bothering anymore. But now you want to submit this for release? Why not fix it first?

  • I also dislike the forum. Why not switch over to a better forum service, like Vanilla Forums?

  • The forums were down for about 76 hours. No comment on any other social network platform. Also, the other elements of the system failed spectacularly during the weekend. When will the system finally work reliably?

    Also, the forum UI is still broken for me.

  • And apparently, you have been smashing the F5 key for the last 76 hours in order to make sure you will be the first to restart complaining once the forum has been repaired... ;)

    "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."


  • It's not hard to write a script for checking if a site is online or not. Something a competent system admin of the website should have in the first place.

  • @Jesus-liebt-Dich

    Just saying. Some people should get a life. Or a pet. Or both.

  • I did it only because there were no replies. To show how much the developers do not care to reply to legitimate questions. Seems like they consider me to be a troll by now... Although all my questions and feature requests are pretty much the same as other players will ask 1-2 weeks/months after I asked them.

    I mean... Keeping a forum online should not be so hard, considering the page was online all that time and the forums could not stay online at the same time. The quality of the servers and the quality of the forum software MUST be addressed.

  • The server issues last Sunday had an involuntary impact on the forums. Our Admids worked full speed on it´s recovery and now we are back live. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    You never know what might have happened in the background. Maybe the forum was on different hardware than the website. And in worst case scenarios even RAIDs can burn down. I highly doubt they have geo redundancies for a friggin' forum. It's back online - and that's good. You should stop living in the past and try to argue in a more constructive way. No offense, dude, but you can be mistaken for a troll if you read over your forum and steam posts.

    Don't wanna be a dick here but if you care about Catan so much why don't you try to make a constructive step in their direction. Seems like you know a lot of stuff about development, qa and games. Maybe with your help they could actually improve the game if you would.. you know.. bundle it in a more positive way.

    just my 2 cents.

  • I tried but ALL of the constructive suggestions were shot down. And they do not really reply to anyone else who makes the same suggestions I made a year ago anymore:

    Lobby is still not implemented. You can not see how many people are online (how many are in game and how many are waiting to start a game, what kind of expansions people want to play).

    The random maps are implemented in a way that makes unbalanced games. Using a spiral method for placing the number chits has been asked from quite many players. Also for the Ore for wool scenario - it is really easy to make a map randomizer to work but the administrator has always made a bullshit comment that it is hard to create a random map to fulfill the requirements of the scenario... Which is just stupid. Overall the random map generation is the core of Catan and the admin will constantly shut down any request about that.

    The automatically-turn-ending timer, the trading UI not allowing counter-offers... These things are not going to change although they definitely change the way the game works compared to real-life games.

    Since the administrator does not share any information about player numbers, it seems like there are not that many players playing the game. Which suggests that the matchmaker is not a very good idea for this game. Reasons: It tries to match players based on ELO... But since there aren't enough players, it matches players with very different ELOs together. And just the first 3 players who join the queue are placed in a game. No real "matchmaking" as such. Oh, did I mention that it is hard to create 4 player games? People just can not see the lobby. It is driving away more experienced gamers and paves the way for casual gaming.

    And what about the games constantly crashing? There are so many issues with the game and they still decided to end early access phase. And the many things they introduced when coming out of early access had bugs in them (gold shop displaying wrong numbers, free expansion weekend not working).

    I really want this thing to work. OR to make them cancel Catan Universe and roll back to PlayCatan and start over.

    Technically speaking, Unity is a complete overkill for creating a board game implementation. 3D board is unnecessary. UI decisions are obviously meant for tablets and not for PC.

    The attitude of admin indicates that PC gamers will not be listened to at all in the future. "Mobile is the future". This means casual gaming. And no real competitive scene.

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