Catan Universe Pricing and In-App-Purchases

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    Catan Universe has a pricing system which is easy to understand and flexible:

    In Catan Universe there are 6 in App purchases (IAP) available. You can buy Catan Gold in various amounts.

    The 6 Catan Gold packages:

    200 Gold ----- 2,99€
    300 Gold ----- 3,49€
    500 Gold ----- 5,99€
    900 Gold ----- 8,99€
    1700 Gold ---16,99€
    3000 Gold ----29,99€

    With Catan Gold you are able to unlock expansions, customizations and consumable items in the shop.

    Please note: The conversion into different currencies is done by the shop platform owners (Apple, Google, Steam) and not USM.

    Example: If you want to unlock the base game in Catan Universe you will have to purchase Gold for 5,99€.

    Tip: If you are planning to buy more than one expansions or customization set, please take a look at the bundles in our shop since they offer the best value for coin ratio.

    Please note: All in-App purchases are permanent. If you unlock one item in the shop it is connected to your Catan Universe account. You will be able to use the unlocked item from the shop regardless of the device you are logged in with your account.

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