A 'Force Pass' option for stuck players or AI

  • Perhaps (at least for the testing phase of this game) it would be beneficial if there were some way to 'force pass' the turn of a stuck AI. Perhaps if each player could see the countdown timer of other players turns, when it reaches 0 and doesn't pass to the next player (so this would only happen during freezing issues) a 'force pass' option would be available to end the stuck players turn, that at least one (or maybe all) player has to select to continue... Or something along those lines. A bug report of some sort could also be sent automatically if a 'force pass' is required in a game. It would really help save some games and it would feel a lot better for all the players if we weren't instead forced to quit when the game glithces like that.
    In the case of players having issues during their turn where the game glitches and then can't pass, but the timer runs them out, they could also perhaps have a force pass option which allows them to pass without being penalized or eventually kicked out by multiple timer rundowns.

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