Fix match making for when 2 friends want to play with a random 3rd

  • I usually play with one other friend and we are left to the winds of luck and chance that we are matched together in the same game. We are a sad sort and lack a 3rd friend, otherwise we would custom game, but this way we are left to abandon games trying to get matched up with one another. The old system for playcatan was perfect because we could pair up and wait for a random third. What to do!?

  • I've been in this situation many times as well. I personally think it's probably for the best though. I've been burned on a few games with people that know each other... It really takes a lot of fun out of the game when 2/3rds of the players are colluding against you. So I guess I can see things for and against it. (Super example of this is the other day I played against a mother and daughter... I couldn't believe the trades being done and how they both just kept robbing me. Called one of them out and the mother spoke up and said she was her daughter and that was why)

  • Just because there are a few bad players doesn't mean that we should ban everyone from playing with each other. These problems did not exist as much in PlayCatan. Maybe once in 200 games you would see something fishy. PlayCatan offered a lobby so players could easily join each others games.

    Also, you can see that the matchmaker is too simple-minded when assigning people into games. It takes your parameters but that is not enough to ensure a good-quality game. I guess in case of "karma" option, it starts with smaller bounds but it WILL make the bounds larger the longer you wait. Eventually you will still play with players who you would not be able to play if you created a game through lobby.

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