Sound of the hammer when waiting for a game is dreadful and unending

  • When I am waiting for a game of Cities and Knights to form, I have to listen to this maddening hammer forging away at some unknown metallurgy and even if I minimize the screen the sound persists! I don't mind the fire while waiting for a basic game, nor the gentle sound of the ocean for seafarers, but this hammer is a violence upon my soul. More often than not, I am skyping with my friend so putting the whole computer on mute while waiting for a game is not ideal. Please help me before I go insane.

  • The Hammer has also been for me, what seems to be becoming the bane of my existence. Who hammers for that long? Settlers of Catan was supposed to be an advanced neo-colonial society built on good manners, and The Hammer does a wonderful job of knuckle-nutting us right back to the dark ages, maybe even pre-cambrian. Put. it.down.

  • Haha yeah it def gets old... I do like that I can alt-tab out of the game and when the hammer stops I know I'm in a game. (Though a single sound indicating I'm in a game would be as effective and less annoying)

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