Quitting because of fixed map

  • I hate game quitters more than anyone, but I will not play the same fixed map and I quit when I see it. I apologize to the other players, but really, it's dumb. This whole problem would go away if people would unlock the extensions and play auto match. This is going to kill my karma, but I just can't play that fixed map 15 times in a row.

  • @Administrator So many new topics about the random map polluting the matchmaker.
    When are you going to start working like a good development company and make a hotfix update to the game? You should have made an update already a week ago.

  • @CnutTheGreat I totally agree with this. The cop out in the other thread: buy the expansions is BS An automatch game has only three scenarios and the server can't find people for me to play with. Custom game has a random map and though I have tons of friends it is too much effort to find 3 that are online at the same time. CHECK YOUR STATS, people are giving up on catan fast.

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