People have found a way to 'quit' without getting elo punishment

  • I think people have figured out how to beat the timer and 'quit' without getting penalized on elo.
    If you 'lose' internet connection, the game doesn't keep the timer going. It just freezes.
    This has happened about 10 different times when I have played.
    I'm not sure how they do it, unplug their connection maybe?
    But the game just stops and you can't do anything.
    No timer, no 3 times delay of game and you're out, nothing!
    So, if you end up leaving, you end up getting penalized for quitting!
    What the heck! The other person freezes the game I pay the penalty.
    In the last game it happened, the person knew they were about to lose.
    So they 'froze' the game on their turn.
    I waited over a half an hour and nothing, so I closed the game and was penalized 6 elo points for quitting.

  • That was fast :)

    I guess now we can sum up the latest update of being a total failure as the main feature it was so anticipated by the players just seems to be proven useless and we are stuck with unplayable new version of buggy game which was at least somewhat playable before.

    Well done @Developers and @Administrator

  • I even warned that players might do it this way. They only made a trigger for when a player actually clicks the quit button. There are so many bypasses in their logic everywhere.

  • administrators

    @rumbletom Thanks for your feedback. We will investigate the issue. Was there a little symbole in the playerframe of the player that left the game?

    @Stroom nope thats not the case.

  • @Administrator , I don't remember a symbol. I'll look for it next time.

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