AI froze and ruined a 35 min game.

  • A pretty fun game even though someone left early on and got replaced by a bot. 3 others and I were battling it out for the win. I finally had some luck and got everything I needed to win since I had 2 harbors to trade my resources with. Then a couple turns before I could finish up the game the damn bot stopped working and we were stuck.

    I waited for a good 10 minutes for anything to happen and in the meantime, one of the other players left. The one other person left and I waited it out but I stopped paying attention since nothing changed. When I came back a couple minutes later the game was all messed up and I had to leave.

    Pretty shit to have wasted all that time.. I rather lose than to leave a game.

    This was the end result of the game

  • administrators

    @Westeros Thanks for the report. Our developers already indetified an issue with the Ai that jumps in a game when someone drops out. We will apply the fix in the upcomming update.

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