Game etiquette

  • Am I mad?

    Playing with people, if both other players have more points and more cities and access to all resources while another has not ... would you consider it 'unfair' for both other players to steal from that player ... even when the others have resources??

    I get really fed up playing with people who seem to have no interest in making it fun for all. Making it so that it is impossible to make even a single settlement while others build all over ..... is that really the kind of community we want to create?

  • the game permit it but experimented players play fair.

  • You are right it is allowed.

    The point I try to make is .... Is this the kind of play we encourage? If yes, it will not be a friendly or enjoyable place much of the time.

    Peronally I feel this type of mean-spirited play goes against the principle of having a fun community for all to enjoy.

    I wouldn't play more than once with somebody who behaved like that in real life and have no desire to play with players like that online either.

  • I don't know if it is currently implemented in catan universe but in playcatan, blacklist feature was the better way to never play again with a player you don't like to play with (aggressive, immature, afk, unfair, ...)

  • A black list would be great. I just played a game where the guy continually made BAD game decisions just to screw over other players. I'd really love to never play with him again.

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