Rivals of Catan freeze when the "Feud" card comes out.

  • Rivals of Catan freeze when the "Feud" card comes out.
    Can u tell me where can i report this bug?

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    @catankata Thanks for the feedback on this issue. Our developers already working on a fix

  • Thank you very much for answering!
    Another issue, the timer problem, (there is no timer) cose right now im on a "Rivals of Catan" match and im waiting for the player "alexanca" and he doesnt move and doesnt responding to the chat, and im waiting half hour and i cant even report him while the game goes, neighter after the game in this expansion :)
    Now i have to quit :( cose hes not moving and i will lose my 2nd place on eloboard ._.

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    @catankata Rivals is still in an early stage of the developement. Therefore some of the features you know from the board game aren´t in it right now. We are curently working full speed on the AI and the next card sets. As soon as the AI is finished ans implemented a timer will be included since we aim for it to work as in the board game.

  • Thank You very much! I played Rivals of Catan here, online first time in my life. Im lucky to meet this game mode, im gonna defenetly buy the cards in real life, becouse its awesome, so thank you, im enjoy very much, wish u good luck, nice day, and patient for the problems. :)

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    @catankata You should know that at the moment only the so called Introduction Game is available in Catan Universe there are a lot of different cards for the game and it get really interesting once you play with all the expansions. Glad you enjoyed the game so far.

  • YOU FIXED IT! Thank you! Thank you very much, u fixed the "Feud" invention card!
    Its working now perfectly, and its a very usefull and funny card in the game. I just played with Rivals of Catan, and it works very good for me.
    Thanks for the recommendation, i cant wait to play with the other expansions!
    Im gonna check feedback about the deluxe version of the basic game, cose i need first the basic to use the expansions.
    I just want to say thank you very much for the designers too, im really enjoy the game, it keeps me calm and looks beautifull, with all the familiar colors and marks of the original wood-pieces edition.

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