Dice aren't random since update

  • Been playing against AI on seafarers expansion and the difficulty is extreme. They always place the robber on the player (even when the player has 4 points and the AI has already 12, 15 and 8) and the dice always tend to roll for the AI players. After 10 to 12 games I don't think is just me being unlucky (even having great numbers).

  • There was a dice related topic before.

    Based on the discussion here is a quick summary:

    1. unless you use "dice mode" from custom match which ensures even distribution such games will appear where for example 4 or 11 rolls like hell while 6 7 8 are lagging behind;
    2. dice is said to be random in general, one game even if it includes 100 rolls is still a small sample size, meaning that for example 7 does not roll once in these 100 times but the "might have" rolled 100 times in a row to reach normal distribution. So one game is not a definitive example;
    3. yes people have been speculating about not so random dice - examples where suddenly in C&K 3rd dice either moves barbarians froward every turn or gets suddenly stuck while someone activates knight to luckily escape deconstruction, cases where you put robber on a number which has not rolled much and next turn it rolls, cases where one player always tend to get 10+ resource cards and no 7 is rolled while other players lose cards as soon as they reach 8. This has not been proven or commented on my admins/developers...
      Given how this games progresses with its updates i would not be surprised if there actually is "drama dice" mode.

    Until it is proven conspiracy theory always will have a place.


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