Play with a friend + a random person

  • Hi!! I love catan I just discovered the online game and I think is amazing because I travel a lot for work.

    Is it possible to play with 1 friend + a random real person? I only see in custom match to pick friends but unfortunately I don't have that many that can play at the same time for 3s or 4s and I don't like playing against the computer.
    I tried in Auto Match or Free match to search at the same time but I don't always get paired with my friends. Is there an option in custom game or somewhere where I can make a game for my friend to join and then put search for a third and/or fourth random player?

    Thanks you so much for your help!


  • Not that i've seen. Auto Match at the same time is your best bet. I think the main reason is so 2 people don't gang up on some unknown person. I'm not saying this would happen a lot... but it would def be abused if people could...

  • This was possible in PlayCatan lobby and people ganging up on the other players did not happen that often.
    Plus points to Lobby, negative points to Matchmaker.

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