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  • I built 6 road segments around a hex, plus two more segments continuing on past, should have counted as 8 segment road and I'd've gotten longest road to win the game, but it did not register as longest road with the game. I then built a settlement to win, but even post game it showed my road as only being 5 segments long.

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    @KitCloudKicker The game will claculate the road from end to end. When using a cicrle there is no real "end" since one of your roads will always be connected to another. Therefore It will only calculate from road a to z that aren´t connected to another road on one end.

  • Unless KitCloudKicker didn't notice something... Your longest road calculation is still wrong. Your comment about "end of the road" means you don't know how longest road should work. And that is probably why your calculation is wrong too. Bad algorithmic knowledge of the developers maybe?

    His road should have been at least 7 long. A circle is 6. There is no need for a road to have a beginning or an end. A loop is still a longest road. Building a road out of the circle adds another road to the continuous link. If 2 roads go out of the loop, the road is 8 long.

    Learn to play the game before developing an online implementation, please.

  • Always these personal attacks ... :sleeping:

    @KitCloudKicker If you could provide us with a screenhsot of the situation we will gladly take a look at it to sweep possible misunderstandings

  • @administrators

    Why do you say personal attacks? We don't know you, don't know your name(s), so how can it be personal?
    Stroom is right.
    Your answer is wrong and suggests that you do not know the way the game works. From what KitCloudKicker explained he should of taken the longest road.

  • It was indeed a personal attacking when he's stating the developers have bad algorithmic knowledge. I have not noticed any miscalculations in the road counts... I'm guessing we're missing something from the OP. I agree 6 roads around a hex + at least 1 coming out is 7 roads... and that's the way i've seen the game calculate it everytime.

    Longest road is always calculated end to end... There is always a start... and always an end. In a circle the start is always one point in the circle... It's stil and end of the road though.

  • Sorry, it was a bit personal. I have been observing this development since January last year and in the beginning, calculating the longest road did have problems. Then it got fixed for a bit but then it started having problems calculating in seafarers expansion - ships do not count as roads all the time or the count does not change correctly when moving ships or something...

    Anyway, if the development is as slow as it has been... and you develop unnecessary stuff like XP boosts and online shop before making the actual gameplay work smoothly, you deserve any kind of criticism IMO.

    Fix trading. Straight out copy PlayCatan. Your current implementation is wrong in everything. No counteroffers. Obstructing the view. Selecting and deselecting cards is a bad UX implementation (selected card goes on top of the button which selects the same card so if you want to trade 2 of something and you click the same card twice, you select one and then deselect it). Trading with the bank is another view instead just another button.

    Make random maps default. Absolutely nobody wants to play the same old map more than 3 times in a row.

    Implement a lobby. Much better to find custom games which is the heart of Catan. With matchmaker you are forcing players to play only 3 player games. Nobody will buy your expansions if matchmaker is so slow.

    Also, why are there the Harbormaster and Ore for Wool scenarios when playing the base game? I have not heard about these before. Seems like these are also used in matchmaker default queues. Remove these from the default queues. Very useless mini-expansions. I do not think anyone would want to play these as default.

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