Random board!!

  • I'm so disappointed there is no random board in build 20! Please implement this ASAP, as it adds so much to the game. Thanks!

  • And before @Administrator replies... It is NOT OK to say that you can "buy" the random maps with coins (real money when the game is finished).

  • It's not even clear how to set up a multiplayer game that has a random board. When I play auto-match, I frequently hit that same old game board, and I immediately want to quit. If they plan to monetize with random game boards, they will be disappointed, because their user base won't grow. It removes a critical variable in the addictive nature of the game, and potential new users have plenty of other things to do.

  • Catan turned from a game-for-all-players to a game for casual and ignorant gamers. There apparently are enough casuals that they can show the middle finger to anyone remotely competitive.

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