First to 10 points but lost the game!

  • What is going on now @administrators

    So, I got 10 points, was expecting the big fanfare to tell me I had won, but no. I have to roll the dice again. Attempt to roll the dice, but am unable to do. Then I get a message to say as I've taken too long 3 times I am now kicked out of the game. This is not good Catan Admins!

  • @administrators it happened again - the problem seems to be not recognising the Victory Point card!

    Please fix it

  • You are probably playing Harbormaster but don't know it. Game is to 11 pts and is very similar to base catan. The change is if you get 3 points on ports(harbors), you are awarded 2 extra victory points. Similar to largest army. There are 2 ways to tell if you are playing Harbormaster version. Click on the gear symbol, it will list what game you are playing. Or the header has double wavy lines that count ports.

  • Thankyou
    Yes it was Harbormaster! I didn't know that

  • This caught me too. I didn't realize I was playing harbor master.

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