3 times time out... kick, right or wrong?

  • 3 times time out and kicked out sucks...

    In understand that people who are afk should be thrown off the game.
    But the current timer is too fast to run complex turns...
    Especially when trying to deal / chat with people.

    3 times the timer run off, even when I played ordinary.
    problem was that I chatted with a player 2 times too long.
    2nd chat was the 3rd time out for me and I was kicked.

    Didn't feel right to lose the party that way...
    I think it should be re-thought what is the purpose of that timer...

    This post might be out of some frustration.
    But i hope it is in some way reasonable.

  • Agreed. I'm actively playing my turns and still losing on the timeout. If there's any trading involved, almost guaranteed to get kicked!

  • I've played many games and never got kicked out of a game. I've only had my turn skipped 3-4 times total due to timer.

  • The automatic timer overall is wrong. It does not even analyze why the player runs out of time.

    I am pretty sure this will not change (maybe timer goes back to 90 by default). The development is run on a tight schedule. USM just does not care. They want the $.

  • I agree with the timer is too fast. I got kicked out and I was not going slow. Both times I was trying to trade my cards in and buy a development card. The system is so screwing when you zoom in and out that it takes longer to do everything. Do not like this feature at all!!!!

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