in game buys

  • i wish to buy more game bundles but there no way to buy them

  • administrators

    @college7guy If you unlocked the big bundle you have access to all the expansions of the game right now. If you want to try out customization items pm @administrators and we will see what we can do for you

  • @administrators there stuff i would like to buy still how would get promo code i am willing to buy it thou paypal

  • administrators

    @college7guy You will not be able to buy promo codes even after the release. In the pm @administrators send you you will find more info.

  • @administrators can you guys please give the original early beta testers a promotion? It only makes sense. We are the most likely to spread this game around and market it for you. For example, I was going to share a link to this website on my facebook, (that's 2200 people who could see it) but then when I realized I couldn't afford the game (let alone cities and knights) I decided against it because I won't be participating in it.

  • @jfitzge Agreed. Ealy adopters/beta testers should get a promo code for the game; as we played a lot to test, and help make it what it is.

  • I cannot figure out how to buy gold coins. Where you guys able to buy expansions?

  • @Regis I was not able to.. No euros..

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