in game buys

  • i wish to buy more game bundles but there no way to buy them

  • administrators

    @college7guy If you unlocked the big bundle you have access to all the expansions of the game right now. If you want to try out customization items pm @administrators and we will see what we can do for you

  • @administrators there stuff i would like to buy still how would get promo code i am willing to buy it thou paypal

  • administrators

    @college7guy You will not be able to buy promo codes even after the release. In the pm @administrators send you you will find more info.

  • @administrators can you guys please give the original early beta testers a promotion? It only makes sense. We are the most likely to spread this game around and market it for you. For example, I was going to share a link to this website on my facebook, (that's 2200 people who could see it) but then when I realized I couldn't afford the game (let alone cities and knights) I decided against it because I won't be participating in it.

  • @jfitzge Agreed. Ealy adopters/beta testers should get a promo code for the game; as we played a lot to test, and help make it what it is.

  • I cannot figure out how to buy gold coins. Where you guys able to buy expansions?

  • @Regis I was not able to.. No euros..

  • I have bought every version of the apps. You guys can't seem to stick to one or give supporters any breaks. That's disappointing. I would like to get full access to all the expansion's but cannot buy the clinda to do so or even see the cost to buy more coins. Please advise.

  • administrators

    @Atillius You can transfer purchases from Catan Classic to Catan Universe. Enter your Catan Universe account info in the Catan Classic transfer menu and you will be able to transfer the base game and the seafarers and cities and kights expansion if you already bought them. If you need further advice please contact us via

  • @Administrator

    Here is more information from the "Catan Classic" app:

    Catan Universe – available now!

    1. November 2017
      Dear Catanians,

    A new era begins: our new app Catan Universe for your smartphones and tablets!

    Use your Catan Universe account to play on the device of your choice: you can use your login on many different desktop and mobile devices. Become part of the world-wide Catan community and play with players from all over the world.

    With the release of Catan Universe, you’ll be able to unlock your purchases made here (applies to base game, “Seafarers” and “Cities and Knights” expansions) in Catan Universe for free!

    This is what you have to do:

    1. Download Catan Universe for free.
    2. Create an account in Catan Universe.
    3. Please enter your Catan Universe account details in the Catan Classic app’s new transfer menu (available in version 4.6.5, please make sure to update)
    4. Your purchases will be unlocked in Catan Universe as soon as you have received the confirmation in the Catan Classic app.
    5. Enjoy your purchases in Catan Universe as well!

    Please note that you can unlock your purchases only on one Catan Universe account.

    Have fun playing on Catan Universe!

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