ALL bug fix at once

  • I would really suggest people just ignore this game and abandon it as soon as some crap ass update / unplayable game is being put out.

    Report the bugs but dont play it until all of those are fixed.

    Let this game die out naturally if responsible people cant do their part / provide timely actions.

    I am not going to play it at least until the timer is fixed.

  • Shrug. It def has it's issues... but the timer isn't one of them. If the timer drives away the people that take FOREVER to complete a turn... Win.

  • Actually it is because it does not make game faster for people who play fast.

    For example C&K longest games usually were THE Great Catan map. It never took me less than 1h 10 min to get the end of that map whether I win or lose. Average on my assumption actually is closer to 1h 30 min, longest one I can remember was a bit over 2h.

    Getting back to timer - Great Catan map usually took ~100-120 rolls per game. If you calculate average time per roll = per turn it actually is very close if not sub 60 sec.

    So the only difference current timer setting makes is that:

    1. some more complicated turns can not be completed
    2. game dynamics have been changed as now you have to think not what can you do to gain advantage but what can you do in 60 sec
    3. overall game speed maybe will increase but not by much (for players who play fast)
    4. people will quit because timer fucks this game up

    Timer currently penalizes fast / skilled players as collateral damage to nub player problem fix which will remain anyways until those nubs learn how to play the game.

    Anyway back to the topic, timer has its own thread.

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