AI freezes - not sure why

  • Had this happen twice since the update this week. AI freezes on it's turn for no apparent reason. I can exit and rejoin the game and they're still stuck.
    Screenshot below not sure if it will help

  • I've experienced the same thing multiple times. Seems that once a 2nd person leaves the game it starts going again....

  • This just happened to me. 3 player game. First person left, AI played for a while, then at the end of AI's turn, the AI passed the dice, but the next human player never received them. We both tried leaving and coming back, but to no avail.

  • Thanks for the report we will investigate!

  • I had that problem several times. Most of the times it is after a trade. Maybe you could just put the turn timer on them also ?

  • @felix796 To put some more info : I was playing a custom game with a friend, I left and then the trade reopen on my friend screen and they can continue to play with bots. It happened almost every game. At least 8 times.

  • Thanks for the additional info. Please note: If playing a Custom Match you have to activate the turn timer in the custom match lobby actively if you want to use it.

  • @Administrator Yes I knew but even with the timer enabled it didn't help. Thanks for looking into it !

  • We tried to play tonight and it just happened 3 times in a row. Its barrely playable... Its a bit of a mood killer.

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