• Hello to everybody. Searched through the tutorials, help, instructions, etc. within the game as well as here among the topics but couldn't find info about the scrolls anywhere. What do they stand for and how they can be used?

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Sorry if posting to the wrong section - new here blush

  • They are for some campaign mode you can do at level 5 or 6... I forget which now... I didn't see how to actually start a campaign though...

  • OK, i reached level 5, i got 5 scrolls and a message that i can use them in a season (whatever that might be), but i still can't see where and how i can use them...

  • Same here ! :confused:

  • why does noone from suport agent answer this

  • Sorry this was already answered in other topics before. Scrolls are used for a time limited unlock of expansions (you will be rewarded with scrolls as you level up) and they will be for tournaments and seasons in the future. We adapted the mouse over text in the next update to make it more clearly for the users what they are good for.

    During the early access there is no need to unlock extra scrolls.

  • Thank you

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