Victory Points

  • In the early release we were able to see Victory Points with the white icon in the username. Since the new release it seems this is no longer an option. Is the idea that those are hidden moving forward? I had someone win a game with 9 points and a development card, but it didn't show as it did in the pre-release.

  • I hope this is the case as this would mimic the way the real-life game is played. No way should those victory points be visible; it would totally defeat the purpose of development cards.

  • administrators

    Please note: When playing the CaK expansion the VP cards get played and displayed openly as soon as someone draws one. In the base game and the seafarers expansion the VP cards remain "hidden" in the players hand.

  • @Administrator So you are saying the issue from the pre-release is fixed then? Am I understanding you correctly that moving forward all VP in the based game will be hidden?

  • @Administrator what is going on with the dice rolls in this update? each game has an absolutely absurd number of 9's being rolled, to the point where players are purposely targeting 9's when they place settlements. How in the world can a game be in beta for so long and still be so awful?

  • @Baaby Glad you noticed this too. I'll be commenting in another thread on this because I did an analysis on this last night (the dice rolls, at least against the bots, are definitely not random). And 5s and 9s seem to be the favored rolls.

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