same map every time

  • Just to be clear: The selected maps in Auto-Match are th yellow ones. The "random-map" option is activated for Auto-Match per default. It can´t be changed by the user since we leard from our data that only very few people used fixed maps to play Auto-Match. You can´t get matched with Fee-Match users when clicking on Auto Match since these are two totally different matchmaking pools. Nontheless we will investige if there is something wrong with the matchmaker and/or the radnom maps.

  • @administrators If you have selected all three scenarios in auto match (there are all yellow) chances are that 3 out of 4 games usually in a row is ore for sheep. If you have selected only first island to avoid ore for wool you get 80% of the time the same map. I can describe it to you since I've played it over 12 times.

  • @Administrator It makes no sense that we get the fixed map 50 per cent of the time. IT's a big flaw that should be fixed.

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