same map every time

  • Hello! I have played 3 games in a row after the update in free match , and there was the same map in every time. Is there an option i have to change so as to get a random map every time?

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    @katerinalda the free match map is a standard and fix map. Unlock the base game in the shop using the coins we provided you with and use Auto March to start a game. Tip: Unlock the big bundle to get access to all expansions with the best value for coin!

  • thank you!

  • @Administrator That still doesn't seem to work if you don't want to play with the garbage harbor master or ore for wool scenarios. How can i play base game, without that stuff and a random match?

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    @morsCatan select Base game auto match and deselect the scenarios you don't want to queue for. Make sure only first island is checked before clicking the button on the bottom of your screen

  • @Administrator This is what I am doing, but it's the same base map each time.

  • @morsCatan said:

    @Administrator This is what I am doing, but it's the same base map each time.

    seems to be working now.

  • A lot of map repetition. If you just keep all the options open for the auto-match, I've already gotten the same map twice. I also appreciated having random maps for the free match option, as well as the expediency of the free match option as that seems to be the most popular place to get a match going quickly.

  • So if anyone of the three people in the free game have the expansion for more maps, would it change? Is it only the person who starts the game has the expansion that the map would change?

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    @Yeloow82 Free-Match is only the first Island with one set- up of tiles. it is not influenced by the expansions one of the players may have. See it as a demo version of Catan Universe since you are able to play it without login in, creating an account or unlock a map pack in the store. We reccoment using the Auto-Match for all registered users since the matchmaking will give you fitting oppontents and you have the chance of altering the map set you want to queque for.

  • i ve done that (auto match) and every time it goes to same numbers =( not fun

  • Yeah issue is... people doing free match.. when you get matched up with one of them you're stuck with the base board. 2 of the 3 players may be doing auto match and want a random board... but 1 player does the free match and everyone is stuck with it.

  • I have played auto match selected all scenarios but 3/4 games is ore for wool. Whenever i deselect this scenario i cant find players so i have to select all scenarios again. So ore for wool again. It is getting frustrating playing the same map over and over again. What can be done about that?

  • tried everything, every game mode etc, and i still get the same stupid map... i hope they fix it soon, last patch was ok

  • Yeah if you're going to make free mode stuck on the base map... You need to give the auto mode people the option to exclude being paired with the free mode people... so we don't have to endure that freaking map anymore.

  • I am so sick of playing this game. I excluded ore for wool and now i keep playing another map 100 times a day. I can't block anyone because , of course the game has this problem too , so I end up playing the same map 100 times with ppl I don't want to play with. And no answer from the admin about all these problems. The game is unplayable for me.

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