Something wrong with maps

  • I play free game normal catan games, played 3 matches in a row. Same map everytime... same ressources...

  • administrators

    @Mblack the free match map is a standard and fix map. Unlock the base game in the shop using the coins we provided you with and use Auto March to start a game. Tip: Unlock the big bundle to get access to all expansions with the best value for coin!

  • lol i have just posted the same question.. same happens to me

  • Wait you are saying people have to buy some expansion to get a random map?! Wow. What a money grab development. This is the reason why not to play the "official" online Catan.
    PlayCatan was at least decent, playable and the base game with all options was free to play. Now it becomes clear why the new platform was made. $

    Each new update is just more and more a downgrade to PlayCatan.

  • no u dont have to give money . you"buy" the expansions with the coins they give you. just visit the store

  • So when I select Heading for New Shores it gave me two different maps. Across the Dessert and another one I haven't played before. Is this a bug?

  • @Administrator Okay I messed up and didn't realize that you could buy them as bundles.. can this be fixed??? Can I get a refund and then buy the bundles???

  • Same thing happened to me, I ended up with twice the same map, two games in a row with the base game in C&K. How smarter could that be ?

  • @katerinalda at the moment you dont need to pay but eventually as soon a game is ready to be marketable all will be reset again and paid access (full access or call it how you want) will be the only option.

    This is business, people dont work here for nothing :)

    Its just like @Stroom said - seems that @Developers / @Administrator are much more capital focused vs. actually spreading Catan popularity as a game and thus focus on "marketable" features (XP boosters, skins for players, for Peet sake eye color etc.) rather than game dynamics / playability issues.

    We had to wait months for requested quitting penalty + bugfix, and now that finally is sort of fixed but you can clearly see that majority of that time was spent on banners, graphics, fonts and other useless improvements + along came 60 sec timer :)

  • I use auto match and still get same map as free matching, ive bought all expension bundle.
    My guess is i match auto match with free matches and get the same map over and over again.
    I aint playing same map over and over,
    I hope u fix that

  • Hi developers, first of all great work, the game looks awesome and i love the new features!
    It does seem like even for auto matches, the maps aren't random. It would be cool to have that enabled if possible, it does make the game way more fun.

    Thanks for building this.

  • @orcaorca actually, they are random about half the time. just not the other half. just thought i should clarify

  • I buy the big bundle... and i have still the same map in a free match.


  • we are looking into the issue reagrding the random maps. Please note: If unlocking the other expansions it will have no influence on the free match since it only contains a fixed map of the first island.

  • @Administrator Do you not understand that Catan is NOT meant to be played with your "first island" all the time? Make the random map default and make the random map generator follow the spiral numbers approach. Nobody wants to play the same stupid map all the time.

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