Promo code please ????

  • Is there a promo code?

  • Edit by: @administrators no need to offend someone personally for having to get used to the new menu or having a question about it.

    @mikaelalee promocodes aren´t really needed during the early access since you all accounts where given sufficient funds to unlock all expansions and some customizations. If you by any chance can´t unlock what you wanted with the gold we gave you pm @administrators and we will see what we can do about it ;)

  • @Administrator I am educating people not to waste money on useless things => saving his future.

    Utilizing on people's foolishness without explaining risks should be actually banned. But ok your site your business.

    Just feeling sorry.

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  • No user has bought anything in this game yet. The early access is totaly free of cost and will stay that way until it is finished

  • @Administrator how do I pm?

  • I bought 10 scrolls with the gold I had and now I don't know how to use them. Can I have my gold back to get the expansions instead, please? :D Thanks!

  • @administrators Exactly. What are scrolls? What are boosters ? Is therea menu where it is explained ? Have not found any so far...

  • administrators

    @miguel_mer send an pm @administrators and we will see what we can do.

    In general: Activate tool tips and hover over the item you want to unlock to get an explanation.

    Srolls can be used to unlock expansions for a limitied time. Later on (after the release) you can use them to take part in special tournaments or so called seasons. You will be rewarded with scrolls when leveling up.

    Booster will increase the XP you get after a match. The bigger the bosster the longer you will have the bonus. The XP booster is an optional item you can use if you want to. But appart from the leveling process it has absolutly now effect on the game.

  • @Administrator Do you not see how bad that sounds? You are turning Catan into pay to play. Why should you buy yourself into a tournament with imaginary points? Anyone should be able to join a tournament regardless of their XP or scrolls. This is just a cheap monetization strategy. Myabe focus on making the game fun to play instead of pay to win features. This last update has been horrible. "Let's give them one good thing and pick their pockets at the same time!"

  • administrators

    @Stroom sometimes i think you want to misunderstand what we are talking about. These are offers for users that want to take part in special tournaments and that want to take part in seasons. No one have to do so. We will provide every player with enough scrolls through the levelling process (which he/she can boost or not) to try them out. If you - as a user - are not interested in such things ... no problem the game itself doesn´t require one little bit consumable items to be played.
    That is why we made two different bundles you can unlock in the store. One including these items one that doesn´t. If you don´t want to, you don’t have to deal with it.

  • @Administrator I am interested in playing in tournaments and "seasons". I am not interested in playing through your by-default-3-players matchmaker (seriously, getting a 4 player game is nearly impossible). If you are saying that there are going to be enough scrolls (based on gaining levels I suppose) to take part in tournaments then why make them anyway? It is a pointless in-game currency. All they do is to make people play the game (also called grinding in MMOs) in order to get the scrolls. But if you only want to play in tournaments you can not do that without playing the game a lot of times in order to collect scrolls. Or you pay money to get the scrolls.

    Why bundle levelling process into allowing people into tournaments? A players ELO is not really tied to their actual skill level in Catan. Bad luck, both with matchmaker and dice can make your ELO drop by 100 in a single day. Especially when ELO is public - very easy to play against the highest ELO player and steal their ELO.

    Why do levels mean anything at all? How is a player who has only played in CatanUniverse better than a player who plays a lot in real life? It makes sense in pure computer games like LoL, StarCraft etc but NOT in a board game implementation.

    You again mention XP boosts (which you have to buy for real money) which help you acquire scrolls. It is clearly a pay-to-play-in-tournament feature. How much does it cost you to run a tournament online? Nothing. There should be no requirement for joining a tournament. constantly has tournaments and you can join them freely.
    And you made random maps something you have to buy too. Isn't that considered a "consumable item"? This is another horrible and greedy decision by you. Random map is considered the default aspect of Catan. If you say that you "don't have to buy it to play" you have really lost your touch with reality.

  • @Stroom , how do you buy random maps?

  • There was this bundle package, I think. Most expensive one, gives you everything I guess.

    And I will mention it again: I am really not OK with having to buy the random maps feature. Random map is the fundamental part of Catan. Making it cost something is the most stupid decision you have made so far. The second one is not copying the PlayCatan functionalities - trading, lobby etc.

  • HELP!
    A few weeks ago (maybe more) I had the base game unlocked and the Cities and knights expansion but today I logged in and suddenly i had to complete a tutorial buy the base game for 500 gold ( I have 100) and i cant play cities and knights online!

    If anyone knows whats wrong PLEASE tell me, cheers

  • @bergy101 said:

    A few weeks ago (maybe more) I had the base game unlocked and the Cities and knights expansion but today I logged in and suddenly i had to complete a tutorial buy the base game for 500 gold ( I have 100) and i cant play cities and knights online!

    If anyone knows whats wrong PLEASE tell me, cheers

    It does not help, if you make the same posting in different threads.
    look here:



  • I think it is fair to provide players access to the basic game or reward them bonus money who played in the Beta Version. I personally logged many hours into the beta version over almost a year. And worked my way to the top of the rank. Player loyalty should be honored for the players who came on board very early.

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