Cant login

  • To make sure the is now unwanted data in your cache please also try to load the website and game using a private/incognito window.

  • Since the update, I can't log in. Comes back with a Java script error. No idea why? No idea how to fix it.

  • @Pathfinder Hi, I have experienced exactly the same problem. Could you please help step by step? Thank you in advance.

  • administrators

    @Busal Which browser are you using?

  • When I put the email and password, it shows the loading symbol and it's there doing circles forever. It doesn't log in.

  • @Pathfinder

    No problems PF.

    A few other issues I have experienced since the update.

    A) When a player leaves due to losing/etc and an AI replaces them the game freezes after a while when the AI is due to play. This has happened on at least 5 occasions.

    B,) The game freezes on the dice randomly and then times you out. It then moves onto the next player and inevitably they throw a 7 and you lose cards you wanted to trade before the freeze.

    C) The maps are not so much random, they are very much the same for successive games.

    D) You can't click on another players Avatar to report/block/befriend them.

  • Yes I'm getting the same java error. I've played everyday on my chromebook til the update i guess. Any news on this fix?

  • @Shentri

    Empty your Cache and cookies.

    Chrome Browser. Go to browser setting, it is the Icon with three vertical dots, top right of page underneath the X for closing browser.

    Click on settings. This will open a new window.

    Scroll down the page and click on "Show advanced settings."

    Under the heading "Privacy" click on "Clear browsing data." This will open a small window.

    In the drop down box you can choose the option "From the beginning of time" and also make sure that the relevant boxes have a tick in them.

    Click on "Clear browsing data" tab.

  • Keeps happening to me, too. Logged in, did the circle thing for 2+ hours, didn't log me in. Tried two browsers and two computers.

  • I'm getting the never ending loading wheel also when trying to log in. It does the same whether I'm using the software or trying in my browser. I've cleared cache and cookies, and it is still the same. Any more suggestions?

  • Any @administrators know anything about the never ending loading wheel??

  • We are currently investigaing the issues regarding the log in. Thanks for your patience.

  • @Administrator Thanks. It's still doing it for me.

  • Not only can I not log in (I still get the never ending login wheel), it won't let me choose "Play without login". Perhaps that is a clue admins?

  • administrators

    @Polarity This is because theg ame whats you to log in automatically.

    Are you a Windows PC user?

    Please try this:

    • Go to your Appdata folder on your PC: C:\Users*your username*\AppData\LocalLow

    or do so by entering %appdata% in the search bar of Windows (Windows 10: hit the Windows button on your keyboard and sart typing).
    Your explorer should open on the location: C:\Users*your username*\AppData\Roaming. Go one step back to C:\Users*your username*\AppData and choose the LocalLow folder.

    • Search for the Unity Folder an open it
    • Delete the WebPlayer folder in it

    Please note: The webPlayer folder contains your savegames, personal settings and other game data like the automated login.

    • Load the game via the webiste anew (the loading time should be increased since you will have to download the whole game)
    • Please try to login to the game

    If you a e using a MAC depending on the OS version you are using search for:




    and also delete the WebPlayer folder

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