Knight Functions

  • From what I've seen, there are several glitches insofar as knights and knight movement.

    Knights at the end of roads often cannot be moved.

    Knights that can be moved often cannot be moved to every possible location. This often occurs where the knight cannot be moved to a spot on a newly-placed road.

    Intrigue will sometimes destroy knights that should be allowed to move.

    Each of these just happened to me in the same game. There are certain games where ore and sheep are plentiful where knight control plays a huge role in the outcome. These games become unplayable with these glitches.

    Please fix this if possible. I love the game. Have been playing the board game for multiple years before finding this online.

  • I can't figure out how to move a knight either.

  • administrators

    @mikaelalee Activate a knight (using one grain). In the next round you can move the knight by clicking on it. Please note: you can only move the knight along your own roads if they are not obstructed e.g. by another knight or a village or city.

  • I was unable to move a knight today that was end of road (A) while playing in chrome browser. I had an open spot on a different road segment (B). Is there a rule against moving knights between separate roads? Is there a rule against moving knights that are currently at the end of a road?

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