New timer 60 sec and kick out

  • Yes I have learned my lesson. I am the no 1 on the ELO leaderboard now. Just by fair, tactical, quick play and not leaving the game early. This was unimaginable before the update.

  • @josq I am so impressed, your statistics show 1058 ELO and than you won 3 games ! Wooooooooow the new Catan Master ! 3 wins, that is a milestone ! It is mathematically impossible to gain 58 ELO points by winning 3 games. You have hit a bunch of quitters and gained points you did simply not deserve. More skilled players were kicked out with that stupid timer, because they make sophisticated moves; moves that you can't do.
    I have won 3 games too at C&K and I am not at 1058. My computer overheats when I am on that site since that update and I get a blue screen. Then the computer restarts. I have lost a few games yesterday because of that.

  • lol @josq

    I mean really last night I had a case where I had active knights (2), rolled 7 which gave me bishop card.

    Took me ~5 sec to plan a new move because i was intending to rob other players using knights but now I also had bishop (best to be used on multiple players). So I cam up with sequence to utilize all 3 at max potential - took me I guess ~15 sec to click through all that + all the animations, time when card is stolen, menu whom to rob popping up etc.

    I was holding in the end like 12+ cards given I had like 7-10 + got 4 more for robbing. And now I had numerous options BUT only <30 sec time for all that. Ended up offering 1 trade (realized that I have no more time for other two options I had in mind), building a road, activating knights. Time's up, 9 cards on hand, 7 rolls. 4 cards gone + nothing else build.

    Like WTF. This timer even penalizes you for being efficient and having many cards on hand = good placement.


  • While I like the idea of a timer for players not making an active move (have had many games end with someone just refusing to play until the others quit) the timer does not give enough, especially late in the game in some of the more complicated ones. I just had a game of Great Catan end after a player (who was actively playing the entire time) got kicked out after missing the timer while doing complicated turns. I think there should be a longer turn timer and then a shorter timer that only counts your inactive time. The players should only be able to be kicked out if they run out of time on the inactive time timer.

  • I do like the timer, 60 seconds. No problem with that, on the contrary, it's an improvement.
    Only: the timer should stop for x seconds, every time the player does something / is active.
    A timer on responding to a trading offer would also be welcome; so everyone feels you don't have all the time of the world when an exchange is offered.
    When we would have such a "Smart Timer", 60 seconds would even be too long.

    The kick out is also too rough. When a player stops playing without quitting, it is ok if he gets 3 automatic moves and then is kicked out. But when a player is active and runs out of time, the automatic move is severe enough as penalty.

  • Für tauschen und bauen ist die Zeit zu kurz.

  • 60 seconds is not enough, this is unplayable. 90 seconds was fine, and I also vote for the way it was in playcatan where the other players vote to kick, not simply kicked. If you have 15 cards in your hand you probably need more than 60 seconds.

  • administrators

    @noobluben It will be changed back to 90s in the upcomming update ;)

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