Game is nearly unplayable at this point; don't care that it's early access

  • Cities3d was done by a single person and had little to no bugs. What's the hold up? If you need suggestions and bug reports...

    • Players seem to be disconnected while it looks like it's your turn for others (this one makes the game unplayable atm imo)

    • Chat doesn't even use breaks automaticly (at least in windowed mode)

    • No undo button combined with a bad interface (menu to click on what you want to build would be nice)

    • No Alert when the game starts, while also having a timer is simply insane. Also, starting posis need extra time, since they are the most important moves in the game.

    • Messages can't be turned off and take too long to disappear (e.g. that the robber can't be placed before barbs arive)

    I just can't believe that this 20 year old majorly popular board game still has no decent pc game with a working online matchmaking, even though there would be a huge community to keep it alive.

  • There was a perfectly functional version called PlayCatan but they closed it for some absurd reason.

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