Turn Timer, UI and UX changes, Player Punishment for Leaving

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    Hi Catanians,

    Our developers worked hard over the last moths to implement some Key features to reward players to finish games and penalize those who quit prematurely or stall games intentionally. These were by far the most requested or commented topics we received, esp. in the player reports.

    In this post we want to present to you what these so called player specific penalties are and what you can expect with the upcoming update.

    As soon as the update is available for you we will start a feedback topic to pick your brains about the latest improvements and changes.

    Let’s start with the turn timer:

    • The turn timer is now visible all the time during the turns. It is visualised around the button on the lower right side of your screen
    • For testing purposes we have set the timer to 60 seconds in Auto and Free-Matches (we are awaiting your feedback on that in the feedback topic)
    • If a player doesn´t react in a timely manner to actions in the game and the timer for this action runs up he/she will get a waring. After the third warning the Player will be automatically kicked from the game. He/she will not be rewarded with EXP and the ELO will be calculated as we will talk about later in this post.
    • We also adapted the timers for certain actions like the time you have to answer a trading-offer by an AI in Multiplayer. The time limit here is now set to 10 seconds.

    Updated and improved User interface (UI) and user experience (UX):

    To avoid the turn timer running out because the player doesn´t know what or why he/she has to do something, we implemented various improvements of the UI and UX

    • The robber pop-up and similar elements were exchanged by new so called “badges”. These are prominent visual aids that will pop up (and fade out) automatically to let you know when for example the robber was rolled and if you are affected. We implemented badges also in other situations (e. g. city expansion bonus, barbarian attack and outcome, longest road and so on) to speed up the game flow.

    • We implemented the so called bubble system. This system will let you know what you opponent is up to if he/she has to act in our turn. E.g. you rolled the robber and someone has to drop half of his/her resources or if someone has to destroy a city an so on. Also it will indicate what you can do in your turn depending on the resources you have. This info will of course be visible only to you. You can find these bubbles beneath the player frame on top of the screen including tool tips for all the symbols.

    Tip: Turn on the tool-tips in the options (main menu) to get the explanation for the symbols by hovering over them with your mouse. Also take your time in a Custom- or Singleplayer match to get used to them. They are quite helpful if you are starting to learn the game.

    • If a development card is played that will need you to take action (e.g. Marriage or Saboteur and so on) it is now displayed on the left of the screen until every player made their move. This should give you a better understanding of what is going on and what to do next.

    Automated player penalties for prematurely quitting and incentives to stay in the game:

    • If you finish a game (Auto-Match) - regardless of how many human players are still in the game - you will be rewarded with XP and it will have an influence on your ELO

    • If you are the last remaining human player in the match you will be rewarded (ELO) in the end as if you had won the game against your opponents

    • The first player who drops out (or gets kicked due to turn timer violations) will lose ELO as if he/she had finished last. This is regardless of the actual VP in the game at the moment.

    • If other players drop out of the same game their ELO will be calculated according to the order they dropped out
      This means for a 4 player game: the first one who drops out will be in 4th place, the second one in 3rd and so on.

    Please note: A drop out at any time will affect your Karma and you won´t get rewarded XP for the session. You will gain more XP if you win (100) but every other place will give you the same amount (50).

    We are very excited to see all these changes in action.

    Thank you very much for your patience on this update but as you can see we worked on some major changes only on this topic alone :)

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