Account Reset after upcoming Update: Information and FAQ

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    News about the upcoming update and the account reset!

    Dear Catanians,

    We have entered the final of our internal tests stage for the long awaited update for Catan Universe.
    For this update we refactored a lot of the game itself and mechanics that lie beneath the surface.

    In order to let the new mechanics work properly we will have to reset the player statistics and the player progress. In this post we want to give you a heads up about what you can expect when logging in to the game after the Update is released.

    Wiped Stats and Progress:

    • Player level (you will be starting at Level 1)
    • Karma and the Karma history
    • Game Statistics (Games won, favoured expansion)
    • ELO
    • Unlocks from the shop
    • Avatar customizations
    • Guilds**

    We do understand that this may raise some questions so we prepared a little FAQ about the reset:

    Q: Will I be able to play the expansions in the latest update?
    A: Yes! We will provide every User with enough Catan Gold to unlock every expansion in the game including special customization options. Simply unlock them in the Shop.

    Tip: Unlock the Big Bundle and the Avatar Bundle to get the best value for your coin

    Q: Will my friend list be empty after the update?
    A: No your friend list as well as your block will not be affected by the Update

    Tip: Befriend your fellow guild members before the update since the guilds will be affected by the reset

    Q: My Guild is gone after the update. What to do?
    A: The privilege to found a guild is now unlocked when you reach level 10!

    Tip: As a guild leader please contact us here in the forums via PM @administrators or via and we will boost your account the required level to found a guild. Please also include in the request the Name of the guild. You can send your requests right away! (even before the release of the update)

    We hope you will enjoy the next update, we are very axcitet to get your feedback on this :)

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