Most active game times

  • Hi everyone,

    I joined to play the game since a few days. But having issues to find times in which "many" players are online searching for matches.

    So I just have a kind request to the admins, would it be possible to publish some kind of general statistic, when most players are online? so it's easier to know, when it is the best time to log in.

    somthing like a diagram of the hours during the day from monday to friday and saturday/sunday. So people could have an orientation of when to search for players best.. The community is not that big, and I guess admins can see the numbers, of when how many people are online. Would be nice if you could share it.

    Of course players can also talk about their experiences here. And sice we are international her, please call your timezone like CET etc. as well..

  • Having a lobby would be much nicer than the matchmaker which hides all the information from the players. You can actually see all the games currently being created and you could also have a general chatroom to talk to the players who are not in a game yet.

  • @Smooth I also have trouble finding other players, no matter when I try to play on Catan Universe. I haven´t had a game at all last month, except I found other players today and the game did not load correctly. We decided on chat to restart. After 2 attempts I got a TIMEOUT :scream: and couldn´t reenter. To be absolutely clear: I am not a quitter, I never do that! We tried to restart in mutual agreement, because we could not see the board.

  • Reconnection issue is being solved - or at least I hope so. After previous update it was not possible to reconnect for me either. Every time I did that game ended, not sure if I got any penalty as my Karma is still maxed out.

    As for the active gametime - for me (player from Europe) I can find a 3 player C&K game even with my close to 100 people banlist + Karma filter on at any evening time. Max have waited for 3 min?

    4 player game - never happened to me in CU EVER!

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